Meetings are important because its how we sign up and pay for trips. Also, they are lots of fun because they are held in RUOC’s awesome shed, complete with rock climbing wall and lots of outdoor gear.



Every Wednesday at 9:30 pm.



The Outdoors Club Shed on Livingston.



The Rutgers Outdoors Club’s home is a section in the old Camp Kilmer warehouses on Livingston campus. Known as “The Shed”, it is filled with an EMS store worth of gear, plenty of tools, kayaks, trip mementos, and a rock climbing wall. As a member of RUOC, you are entitled to borrow gear from the Shed. Just stop by on Shed Night or email the current Quartermasters! The Rutgers Outdoors Club has loads of outdoors gear, collected by the club since 1972. We have everything from antique brass carbide headlamps to brand-new Necky kayaks. Stop by the shed at our meetings or before a trip to check it out!



The Shed is located on Road 1 across from the Ecological Preserve in the old gray storage buildings. It is located right next to the crew team storage area. Look for the crew team’s large red boat trailers. Next to that you’ll see our bear logo painted on the wall directly in front of a red door with “The Shed” labeled on it.



Well Rutgers has done it again… The one and only bus (L bus) that ran to the warehouse district is no longer running.  But have no fear because its only a short walk from the Quads bus stop on Livingston Campus.  Take the LX from College Ave or the B from Busch. The REX-L does not stop at the Quads!) If you are coming from Cook/Douglass take the REXL to the Livingston Student Center and then transfer to either an LX or B to the Quads bus stop. From the Quads bus stop walk down Road 3 towards the Kilmer Preserve which is less than a 1/4 mile.  When it meets with Road 1 cross the road and we are in the warehouses on the right facing the preserve.  Long story short, walk in the direction from the Quads stop that looks like it’s leading to nowhere. The walk is less than a 5 min walk so don’t be afraid…



Make a left onto River Road. Proceed one-third of a mile through the train tunnel until you reach the first traffic light. This is Cedar Lane. Make a right on Cedar Lane (do the 25mph limit because the Highland Park Cops love busting RU Students for speeding) and make the first left (about a quarter-mile) that does not put you into an apartment complex. This is Road 1. Go straight down Road 1. The road will bend to the right and immediately after is a pull-off into the parking area in-front of the Shed.



Start at the intersection of Metlars and Davidson Roads / Avenue E. At the traffic light the road that heads west into Busch is called Davidson Road. If one travels on the same road to the east towards Livingston it is called Avenue E. Go down Avenue E all the way till it ends (about 1 mile) at Road 3. Make a right at Road 3 and follow that around the left bend till you reach a stop sign at Road 1 (about a quarter-mile). At stop sign, cross Road 1 and immediately make a right into the parking lot in front of the gray building. About 80 yards on your left will be the door to the Shed.



If you did not like walking outside then you would not be joining RUOC in the first place! Just kidding. We get it, sometimes it’s cold out or you get a little lazy, or you are pressed for time. Good thing is that we have a carpool system! Subscribe to our weekly emails and at the bottom of every email you will see the number of an officer from each campus who is more than willing to pick you up on their way to the meeting and  drive you. If you live on Livingston and you still don’t want to walk, call any of those people and someone will pick you up from the Quads bus stop. If you need a ride at the last minute and aren’t subscribed to the emails yet, shoot us an email or post in the Facebook group.



Fine. Just watch the video.

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