Here at school, life is ever-demanding, ever-busy, ever-pulsing with deadlines and pressure and expectation. That is why we come here; to be pushed to our potential; to learn, to grow. But is academic success all potential entails?

I want to be pushed to see the beauty in the natural world around us; to feel the serenity that only comes after a long hike to the top of a mountain with a breathtaking view. Waking up to the sound of soft wind through the trees and the sweet air of the forest clears the mind like nothing else. Paddling out onto a still lake after enjoying a home cooked breakfast is not a usual start to one’s day here in New Brunswick. But it can be.

Pack up a small bag Friday night, find $5 in your pockets, and embark on a beautiful weekend in the great outdoors, and not too far of a drive away! You will return Sunday afternoon with a deeper perspective on the pressures that await here at school.You’ve never gone camping? You’ve never been in a kayak? No worries—we’re here to show you!! Our active efforts to educate our members in outdoors and conservation skills will stay with you long after trips with RUOC have returned to New Brunswick.

Make your weekends mean more. Take the chance to see life’s potential a little differently for a day or two; come visit your Outdoors Club.

-Melissa Hobor, President 06-07

RUOC is Rutgers’ student run club for all outdoor activities. We do it all. From kayaking to caving, biking to snowshoeing, our members enjoy the experience of the outdoors with a club full of fun, supportive, adventurous fellow students. Trip prices vary, but we guarantee our trips are cheaper than most other outdoor adventures you’d find elsewhere. Come push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try something new, and make your weekends worthwhile.